Island Top in the Making
Island Top in the Making
Ecopoxy, Recycled Glass, Dry Pigment, Plastic, Copper, Wood, Oil Pastel

I needed a new counter top and wanted to use glass since it was no longer being recycled. I decided to turn theses two problems into a project to help solve them both.
I had a plexiglass made to hold the glass and epoxy. First I sealed the inside of the box with epoxy, then laid mirror in the bottom of the box. Then each day I would lay in glass that I had tumbled in a cement mixer and plastic bubble wrap, clear plastic scraps from packaging and auto glass. Each day I mixed epoxy and poured in 1/8. The epoxy I used was not a casting epoxy so it could not be poured all at once. I also mixed in dry pigments with the resin before adding the hardener to keep the color as consistent as possible. Interference dry pigments were also used to create the sense of looking through water. Once the final coat was poured, and allowed to dry for weeks, the plexiglass sides were pried off and the epoxy edge that crawled up the edge was trimmed and a small amount of epoxy was wiped on to trimmed edge to make it smooth. A copper edge was then applied to the bottom of the piece to give it a clean edge and cover the plexiglass base that was left in tack. It took 4 people to carry it into the house along with the cabinet. The cabinet was a found object from the street. It was transformed into what you see by friend, Tim who also helped with all the epoxy work. He added a back, doors, drawers and inside pull out shelving. I could not have done it without Tim.