Art Not as a Sellable Object,
But as a Service to Others.

Lynda A. J. Jones works as a fine artist, a community arts advocate and a public artist. Lynda has had a long career in arts education and has worked as a studio artist along side craftsmen, potters, photographers, writers and painters. She expresses herself in many media and her a passion to create finds many forms. She has exhibited in museums, galleries and publicly.

She is an active community volunteer with the City of Corpus Christi, was honored by the City Council of Corpus Christi with “Lynda Jones Day” for her work in promoting the arts in the city. She adopted Lindale Park and created a project in which artist benches were installed in the park and she created two tile signs to designated the borders of the subdivision. She is a Trustee of the Art Museum of South Texas since 1998. She chairs the Exhibition Committee for the museum. She is on the board of K Space Contemporary and holds the position of Grant Committee Chair on that board. Jones writes the “Arts Scene” weekly for the Corpus Christi Caller Times.

During all of the above, Lynda A. J. Jones has continuously created artworks and exhibited periodically in galleries, including Wilhelmi Holland, K Space Contemporary, and Islander in Corpus Christi, Texas and Found Contemporary in San Antonio, Texas.

Recently Jones has decided to not only promote the arts but to expand her repertoire and create large scale public art pieces.